Forward: by Ruth Storek
In going though a lot of papers and things last year, we discovered this little diary which has some great descriptive accounts of Fred's life in the Infantry in WWII. His parents had saved all his letters and V-mail from that time which were given to me. In spite of censorship he managed to tell a lot and makes me realize that he might have been the journalist that he once aspired to be.

Fred was awarded the Bronze Star for saving two buddies that were hit by mortar fire. He crawled out and pulled them back one by one, badly injured. Fred himself was later wounded. He was resting on the ground, eating C rations, when he was hit in the leg by a sniper's bullet. He called it a "million dollar wound" as it took him out of action and the doctors said it was very lucky that it was in such a location, otherwise he might have lost his leg. For that wound, Fred was awarded the purple heart.


Fred's service data:
Drafted 4/3/43
Arrived in Monterey 4/17/43
Basic training was @ Fort Riley, Kansas
Left for Europe 2/22/44, arrived in North Africa 3/1/44.
Landed in Naples 3/7/44.
Awarded Purple heart 6/27/44
Honorable discharge 1/17/46 @ McLellan Field, Near Sacramento) CA

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Created on ... March 24, 2002